Meeri Kangasmäki

Event Enthusiast | Teampreneurship | Games | INFP


Events are my passion

Hey there! ✨ I’m Meeri, working at as a system specialist. After six years of assisting Finland’s leading event organizers, I’m now contributing to internal development projects. Using my extensive experience, I’m driving our growth and innovation from within.

Outside of work, I dive even deeper into the event world, volunteering and working at various events. One of the highlights has been volunteering at Slush multiple years in a row and working with Fullsteam on their festivals at summer. These experiences have helped me learn and grow while being part of exciting projects.

I’m enthusiasted about making events unforgettable while continually learning. Yet, at the heart of it all, what truly drives me is the people and the vibrant community that forms around these events. It’s the connections made and the shared experiences that fuel my dedication to creating remarkable, memorable moments for everyone involved.

I’m excited about the adventures ahead and look forward to connecting with you at future events! 🙌







Delivering Exceptional Events

I believe in getting things done right, ensuring events run smoothly. Paying attention to details and making sure everything runs smoothly is important to me.

Always Learning and Growing

I love learning new things and being a part of different projects. Trying new challenges helps me grow and get better at what I do.

Caring About Community

I really value the people and connections made at events. Bringing people together and creating a welcoming atmosphere is something I deeply care about.

Creating Memorable Experiences

I'm passionate about making events unforgettable for everyone involved. Making sure every part of an event is special and leaves a lasting impression.



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See you at events!